The Perfect Phone for Casual Bird Lover – Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra One Month Later

It’s been more than a month since I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and I’m still constantly shocked at how good the 10x zoom is. In short it’s the best phone money can buy for almost all people. But I’m also surprised at the lack of reviews and appreciation for the zoom lens I’ve seen on youtube. So this review will focus on the zoom capability from a bird lover’s perspective. I’ve already done a full review, if you read Chinese click here check it out.

The 10x zoom, or zoom ability in general, is the most underrated feature for this phone, in my opinion. Back when you could only have two lens on a phone, I agreed that most people and I would prefer an ultra wide angle lens than a 2~3x zoom. Thus there’s a popular opinion of “Zoom lens are useless””Zoom lens are just gimmicks” among tech Youtubers. But this argument is so 2018. Nowadays all flagships have 3 or more lens, and the Zoom capability on some of them unlock you for a LOT more shot that you can never imagine.

Compared to Oneplus and many other companies’ approach of shameless wasting space and money on making the 4th lens a monochrome or shitty 2MP micro simply to pretend they have a higher end camera array, I prefer Samsung’s approach much more. A high quality 3x zoom, not only for zooming but also for that more close-to-human-eye perspective, plus a 10x zoom with killer stabilization, for wildlife, buildings, reading assist in distance, this is a casual bird lover’s dream.

It sounds less impressive thank it actually looks. This review is full of video and picture comparison, so connect to your wifi and let’s get started.

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